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Stalking is a crime that can be considered a felony in Alabama. It often occurs in cases of divorce and separation and can further complicate the court process. While many stalking cases do not include physical violence, it is considered domestic abuse and can have a devastating effect on child custody, visitation rights, and your divorce procedure as a whole.

Whether you believe you are being stalked or your spouse is accusing you of the crime, you don't have to face the issue alone. Many times, I have enabled a divorce hearing safely proceed by helping a client procure a restraining order or clear their name in the face of false allegations. Regardless of your situation, you need smart, dedicated legal representation from the Law Office of Zach Horsley, LLC. Call my office today make sure your rights are protected during your divorce hearing.

What constitutes stalking?

Stalking has a wider definition than most people realize. While it is a term common in casual conversation, the legal definitions are specific and detail a serious offense.

Elements of stalking include deliberate and repeated:

  • Following
  • Harassment
  • Threats
  • Phone calls
  • Electronic communications

It should be noted that stalking can also be charged if any of the above mentioned actions happen to an immediate family member or third party and causes you emotional distress or harm. That means you can file charges if children, parents, or friends are being harassed by a spouse or former partner. On the other hand, that means you could be accused of stalking if you try to reach out to your children or family members in a way that your spouse finds offensive, making these charges extremely complicated.

Resolve Your Case With My Firm’s Help

As a dedicated and caring Birmingham domestic violence attorney, I have helped put countless divorces back on track to safe resolutions, even in the face of stalking accusations. Whether you need to file a restraining order or effectively defend against a stalking charge in family court, I'm ready to help.

Call my office to schedule a free initial consultation today. I look forward to providing the counsel you need.

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