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If you are going through a contested divorce, I encourage you to speak with me, a divorce attorney at the Law Office of Zach Horsley, LLC. Essentially, a contested divorce is one in which the two parties cannot come to an amicable agreement on one or more divorce-related matters, including issues related to children, money, and distribution of property.

Contested divorces are the most complex and grueling processes that an individual can face when dissolving a marriage, and often end up in court where a judge will determine how to resolve your case. Unlike an uncontested divorce, contested divorces tend to be lengthy legal battles that involve many steps before the dissolution can be finalized.

The steps that you and your attorney may be required to take in a contested divorce include but are not limited to the following:

  • Prepare, file, and deliver the divorce petitions
  • Pre-trial legal motions and hearings
  • Discovery process
  • Depositions
  • Attorney negotiations and settlement proposals
  • Trial preparation if settlement fails
  • Completion of trials
  • Appeal if the judge's decision causes a dispute

Are you expecting your divorce to be difficult?

Over the years, divorce has steadily increased. As any married individual can tell you, maintaining a marriage as well as building a family involves a great deal of money, effort, time, and emotion. Therefore, when facing a divorce, it is common to expect stressful and emotionally charged situations when so much is at stake.

With my firm, you can expect me to provide aggressive yet compassionate advocacy for any divorce dispute. As your trusted Birmingham divorce attorney, you can be confident that your case is taken care of effectively and efficiently. It is important to remember that your divorce case may end up in trial.

I can help guide you through any number of divorce-related issues, including:

If both parties are amicable, but cannot come to an agreement, you and your spouse may choose to enter mediation. In mediation, a third party will supervise and facilitate communication between you and your spouse to resolve matters outside of court. I am ready to offer my support at all stages of your divorce.

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If you and your former spouse are disagreeing on many issues, I strongly advise you to secure the representation of my firm as soon as possible. I stand ready to protect your rights and defend what matters most to you. At the Law Office of Zach Horsley, LLC, I always prioritize your needs, goals, and best interests. I encourage you to utilize my extensive experience and skilled legal insight to your advantage.

Whether your spouse is tirelessly pursuing complete custody of your children or threatening to strip you of all your marital assets, I will work hard to obtain a favorable outcome on your behalf. I understand the complex, serious, and sensitive nature of your divorce. As such, I will treat it with the compassion, care, and respect that it deserves.

For supportive guidance and assertive advocacy, contact the Law Office of Zach Horsley, LLC today! I am proud to offer each prospective client a free case evaluation at my office or over the phone.

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